Life in your Fifties

As I reach close to retirement all thoughts come to mind. What will I do when I retire? what should I do now to prepare for retirement? I have read so many articles on the subject that I am beginning to think that the authors are purposely writing to scare those of us in our fifties. I know they are trying to give advice but I am more confused now than ever before. Recently I read an article that says making financial decisions at 60+ can be dangerous and one should try to make major financial decisions before reaching sixty (60). This is a bit difficult when some of us are still trying to overcome financial mistakes we made in our forties.

What I want more than ever is to truly value life each moment and to live my life purposely and fully.  I will plan as much as possible, be wise about it, seek sound advice and go from there.  I will try very hard not to allow this decision to be based by or surrounded in fear.

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I Am Broken by Giovannah P

Live Your Life Inspired

From The Worthiness Project

In the beginning

It started with me trying to figure out why I am the way I am. 28 years old, never been on a date, can’t hold a steady job, never left my parents house, to scared to drive on the highway; always afraid, angry, and sad; suffering from anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation; a deep sense of discomfort with the world around me and within my own body, if I could recoil from my skin I would. Nothing positive, just all negative. Like a witches swamp dark, grey, disgusting with a strange uncomfortable heat that emanates from nowhere and an even stranger smell that is like nothing you have ever experienced. But this darkness has been my home for the last 28 years, I know nothing else.

In my mind I used to imagine a very dark room where I would sit in the…

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Editor’s Introduction by Giovannah Philippeaux

Wanted to introduce you to this online magazine. Attached is the Editor’s introduction.

Love marie,

Live Your Life Inspired

It happened one night in the shower (the best ideas always come in the shower). I was feeling low and self-loathing and could not figure out why. And then it hit me, I had spent my whole life being told I wasn’t good enough, either by teachers, classmates, or popular media. My hair was too curly, my lips too big, my hips too wide, and my skin too dark. Years of being told that I was “imperfect” finally sunk in and I believed it; beginning to see myself as the world saw me – not good enough. I got angry that night. Angry at a media that had so effectively corrupted the belief systems of my teachers, classmates, friends, and ultimately me. We all bought into the lie that there was only one kind of beautiful, and that to be accepted and liked you had to fit that mold. And…

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Purpose for my blog

I first thought of blogging after getting some advice from my eldest to share my thoughts and opinion with the world. It took awhile and a few weeks ago I started. It is now about 4 weeks and I am posting again.

Today is International Women’s Day and I am taking this moment to share my thoughts.  Having to have a day says to me that we are still a long way to go in our society.  Is there an International Men’s Day? One day I hope, there will just be an International Human’s Being Day when we all get together to celebrate life and celebrate Being.

Peace and Love